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Re: When to get a 2nd JRT/questionable ad

Posted by:  Heather Reid
Posted on:  February 14, 2002 at 17:54:53

In Reply to: When to get a 2nd JRT/questionable ad
Category:   Other
Posted by:  Sam Gold
Posted on:  February 14, 2002 at 16:48:46


: My experience with my 5 mo. old JRT Chase has been so enjoyable (I've had him for almost 2 mo.s), I'm thinking about getting a second. I've read from posts that I should get one of the opposite sex, so I will get a female. Question: Do you have any suggestions as to when? For compatibility between both the dogs, should I wait until Chase is older or would it be beneficial for both dogs from a socialization view to start raising them together while both are relatively young?

: Also read an ad in the classifieds today for JRT pups, in part reading, "true laid back temperment for in-town living. Our speciality." A "laid back" JRT? Gimme a break.

: Thanks for your help!

Hi Sam,
The ad, are they kidding?! It's rather sad though, for the pups. Some people will say anything to make a buck! I saw one at the vet the other day for "Jack Russell Terriors: Smooth and Wire Coats." I'm thinking, "Well, there's one knowledgable QUALITY breeder! They can't spell terrier, and they don't know the correct terms for the coat types!" It was all I could do not to say it outloud.
I am glad that you are Chase are happy together! Honestly, I would not get another puppy (or another dog of any age) at this point. Wait until Chase is older, gets some training, is solidly housebroken, etc. He will then be a great example for his little sister. You will also not regret devoting that time to him and his training. It will be worth it.
Our male was 16 months when we got our female, who was 14 weeks at the time. They will be 6 and 5 in April, and are still the very best of buddies. Wishbone helped Robin learn where to go potty, how to bark at the door to go out and where all the best toys are kept. She taught him how to dig and how to wrestle.
Have fun!