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Killing toys

Posted by:  Rebecca
Category:   General Training
Posted on:  February 15, 2002 at 13:45:51


I've read many posts on this board suggesting Kongs and Nylabones as safe toys for our little "angels," but I'm not sure if my question has ever been precisely addressed.

Brutus KILLS toys - doesn't much matter what kind - stuffed, rubber, hard plastic, they're dead - all over my carpet. Aside from being a pain the neck, I know it is not healthy for him to ingest pieces of toys, but that's where my question comes in I don't see much danger in killing stuffed toys do you let them do that?

Or do you have any other suggestions of toys other than Kongs or Nylabones that are a little safer and less messy. I just really like Brutus to have a wide variety of things to play with (his latest love - and who knows why - is a particular rubber squeaky ball he plays with it to the point of exhaustion, but for some reason has NOT tried to kill it yet) - my SO doesn't like the mess all over the place.