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Re: Nipping/aggression

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  February 19, 2002 at 16:13:18

In Reply to: Nipping/aggression
Category:   Aggression
Posted by:  Barbara Thuerk
Posted on:  February 19, 2002 at 13:06:34


: Hi Marie, not a question but just wanted to thank you for getting back to my quesitons so promptly. Greatly appreciated and will heed the advice - training class is a great suggestion and a friend who has a 1/2 brother to this puppy has felt the benefit as well with her guy. And since I wrote Mom has taken upon herself to be a little more "strict" and she sees a change in his understanding and she says "I can see he's a little better". So I feel relieved that she will not give up on CJ - Will go after the book as well. Thanks so much again....Barbara


Hi Barbara,

You are more than welcome! Glad to hear your mother is starting to see the benefits of a little "tough love." We'll be hoping to hear from you in the future about how well your mother and the pup are doing.