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Re: To Protective Of Puppy?

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  March 08, 2002 at 08:55:04

In Reply to: To Protective Of Puppy?
Category:   Other
Posted by:  Lisa
Posted on:  March 07, 2002 at 17:20:35


: I have a 9 week old JRT female, that I leash while she goes outside. We live on an large peice of property that is fully fenced, but there an many things I worry about while she is outside...the property that we live on has many places she could get lost or hurt (eventhough, she is in my supervision at all times). I also worry about my outside dog a Dobie-Mix, only because he can be very aggressive torward cats.
: The puppy "Katie" gets plenty of indoor play for exercise, but I wonder if that is enough for her. I feel she needs to have more freedom while being outside. I have been thinking about fencing off a section of the property just for her. Have you ever heard of anyone doing this...for this reason? I know JRT's need to explore their world both inside and outside.
: My husband thinks I am crazy for keeping her on a leash at all times while she is outside. He says "she will be just fine...if I would just let her be a dog"!!
: I worry about her and would hate anything to happen to her while she is enjoying life on the outside. I do admit...I treat her more like a 9 week old baby then a puppy! Is there such a thing as being too OVERLY protective of such a young puppy? Am I setting her up to be too dependent on me? Setting the stage for seperation anxiety?? I just feel she is too young to have full run of the yard at this time. For her safety and my sanity!! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Lisa,

Always go with your first instinct, you are right she is too young to be allowed free roam of your property. It could be quite easy for her to escape through any part of your fence that's not totally secure and then there is also the concern of any type of predator that may be around.

Right now being outside should basically be used for just housebreaking purposes. You want her to start to put outside and potty time together. You will have a harder time housebreaking her if you just leave her outside, she will not have a clue then that being indoors is not a place to use as a bathroom.

Your home should be plenty big for a pup that age to get exercise.

As far as fencing off a spot on your property, that is not a bad idea if you are concerned about her running on all of it especially if you know there are places on it that could be trouble for a terrier with a strong prey drive.

Part of what we have to do as owners of this breed is to protect them from themselves sometimes.