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Re: Questions on Breeding Ages

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  March 13, 2002 at 14:11:02

In Reply to: Questions on Breeding Ages
Category:   Breeding
Posted by:  Sarah H.
Posted on:  March 13, 2002 at 10:42:58


: I thoroughly have been enjoying your site. My boyfriend and I just got a Jack Russell puppy & he is an absolute joy. We have talked about breeding, but are still not sure if that is a responsibility we want to take on. I have been reading the archives on ages for breeding and no where on your site have you mentioned the age when a male is acceptable to breed. I know this is a serious decision to make, but I was just wondering what the age was. Many people have asked you this same question & each time in your responses you avoid it and never give the answer. I would really appreciate an answer this time. I truly enjoy your site with all of the helpful info on raising my puppy, but if you aren't going to give me & your other devoted fans of JRT's an answer then I will just have to get it somewhere else. I don't find the other sites as competant but I am sure they would not just dismiss my questions. I hope to hear from you soon. Your anticipated response is greatly appreciated.


I would like to add to Shannon's answer that just because a dog CERFs clear/normal at a very young age doesn't necessarily mean that same dog will CERF clear/normal at a later date.

This is why many breeders will not breed a dog until they are fairly certain their dogs don't have inheritable eye problems.

Most will also prove their dogs in the conformation show ring and in the hunt field.

There are more than enough pet dogs dying every day in shelters. Breeding should only be done to improve the breed, and not be taken lightly.