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Dog bite

Posted by:  Robert West
Category:   Aggression
Posted on:  April 03, 2002 at 14:25:57


Are two year old Jack Russel has in the last 5 months has started becoming much more aggressive. If there was any yelling or if my 16 year old daughter slamed a door he would aggressivly attack the door or if he gets into the room he litterly corners her on her bed. This type of behavour has been increasing untill today when my 11 year old nefew picked him up and he bit him. When my wife heard him she started scolding the dog and when I picked him up to take him out of the room he bit me. Both bites were enough to draw blood. I placed him in his cage if he comes out he's fine unless I try to pick him up the he contiues to growl. He has shown aggressive behavour in the past mostly involveing his food and has growled when family members have picked him up ,but never to this extent. Any ideas to curve this behavour would be greatly app. He is a loved family pet (maybe overloved!) we would all hate to lose him.