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gets bored at obedience class

Posted by:  Lisa
Category:   General Training
Posted on:  May 16, 2002 at 07:29:31


I have just completed my second training class of six with my 8 month old neutered boy. He seems good to begin with then seems to get bored and would rather sit down and look around than listen to me. It is food orientated clicker training and he loves his treats but again seems to get bored with them. The class is for 1 hour 15 mins do you think that this is too long for his attention span?

He has also developed a growling problem when playing with dogs younger than him. He is fine with older dogs and does not growl at all it is only when playing with pups. His tail is still wagging and he is not hurting them as they come back for more when he stops playing but I would be mortified if he bit another dog. My trainer thinks that it is because he has learned to play rough with my neighbours two neutered male staffs and to stop him playing with them. But he loves them to death and plays nice with them and never growls infact he is submissive with most older dogs. Please help.!!!!!!!!!