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bed time

Posted by:  Jennifer
Category:   General Training
Posted on:  May 28, 2002 at 22:58:09


My 6 month old Jack Russel is doing wonderfully. You gave me adive re. stopping his jumping on laps with out permission and we are doing really well. My question is about bed time. He leads a very busy day and during the day will sleep on the carpet but at night time he seems to be the energizer bunny. I put him in his crate around 10:30 whether he seems tired or not. He always konks out once he is in there. His behaviour also seems to get a little wild around 10:30, when he comes in from his last outing. It reminds me of a little kid who gets naughty when she is too tired. Am I right to assume he is being silly because he is tired and put him to bed? What time do your dogs call it quits for the night? I don't want to be a bad mom and put him to bed because he is not behaving his best.