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pooping/peeing on our bed-- mad at us?

Posted by:  Sharon
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted on:  June 27, 2002 at 15:46:35


I have read through your archives and really cannot find a situation like this!
My 16 month female jack has a very dominant, bossy, but loving personality. We recently moved and took our two jacks-- edith and albert-- with us. While they seem to be adapting really well to the new house--- which is much larger for them!-- Edith has begun peeing and pooping on our bed, sometimes 3 or 4 times per week. Anytime she is roaming the house, she manages to soil our bed. This is very bizarre because she also sleeps with us in the bed. Why would she want to deficate/urinate on her own bed? Is she mad at us? I understand that this is most likely a sign that she needs to be re-trained (via the crate), but I am more interested in knowing if Edith is experiencing some anger or frustration towards us. Any clue as to why she would do this? Is a took capable of expressing anger this way? please advise--- I can't find this anywhere in your forum!
Jacks Forever,