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Re: a bed partner

Posted by:  Leslie Hemsing
Posted on:  June 30, 2002 at 17:57:14

In Reply to: a bed partner
Category:   General Training
Posted by:  Peggy
Posted on:  June 30, 2002 at 06:47:19


: Hello! I have found your sight to be very useful with the new member of our family. Her name is Ali and she is 8 weeks old. She seems so smart. We love her to death. We are using a crate for training and so far it seems to be working. My question is: will it hurt to let her sleep in bed with my son and just use the crate for when we are not home or just need that break from her? Also, do you think we will need training classes or can most people do that on their own? We are using Purina Puppy Chow food. Is that good enough for her? Thanks and keep up the good work!