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Posted by:  Janet
Category:   General Training
Posted on:  August 20, 2002 at 13:36:09


Greetings: I'm on my 2nd jack in life after having 11 wonderful (but to me short) years with a female. My new jack is a 5 mo. old "guy". Housebreaking w/crate is fine..a few minor mishaps. He is smart & quickly learned tricks (sit, paw, roll over, & "bang"--drops from sit to rollover at the hand singnal of pistol. But, how the heck do I get him to tell me its time to go out? We take him out every 2 hours & he sleeps through night perfectly. But, he gives no signal to go out. I've tried to teach him to bark or woof, but that seems to confuse him. He sometimes sits at the door, But if my eyes aren't on him...(you know what happens). My last jack gave a little woof or paced from me to the door when she needed to go. I've thought of the bell thing, but a relative did that and her door got mauled! Why are they quick learners for tricks, but a signal to go out is just not sinking in? Any suggestions?