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Re: Puppy playing with dog

Posted by:  Linda
Posted on:  August 21, 2002 at 15:22:59

In Reply to: Puppy playing with dog
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted by:  Nicole
Posted on:  August 21, 2002 at 09:45:43


: I have an 11 week old jrt pup and 15 month old jrt. Like the previous post, my older dog will just sit there and undure all of the "puppiness". I know you said in your response that you keep your puppies and adults seperate. I was hoping to get more info on what you mean. What age do you allow them to be together full time? (Except when I'm gone and feeding time of course) I want my two jacks to get along great and so far they do, I just don't want to drive the older one nuts :)


Hi Nicole,
This is hard to answer because it depends on your dogs! You see I know my dogs, but I don't know you and no matter how much information you give me, I can't be there to see what is going on.

Normally depending on how mature your pup is around 4 month of age, I start letting them be together but only then with supervision. I have just put Mira back with her Mom when she goes out and she is just over 5 months of age. This is only because I know Mystic, her mom and saw how she reacted that I knew she wasn't going to harm her, but seems to be teaching her things and it is wonderful to watch. I also can put Mira out with the resident Baby Sitter Meems, and she does fine, but my Maybe runs from Mira and doesn't like her, but will not hurt her do I don't do that duo.

I want to emphasize that I never leave the alone unless I am not there, Mira is crated and so are the rest! To much could happen and I am not one to take un-necessary chances.

I hope this helps some but there aren't any hard and fast rules about this, you have to be the one to use your own judgment and do what works for you. Normally at 4 months of age they are pretty much out of the obnoxious stage.