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Re: obedience training for an adopted adult dog

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  August 22, 2002 at 18:34:50

In Reply to: obedience training for an adopted adult dog
Category:   General Training
Posted by:  sarah warfield
Posted on:  August 22, 2002 at 09:32:16


: I found a Jack Russell about a month ago. I live in a college town and am under the assumption that someone dumped him by the side of the road. My vet says he is about 2 years old. Pip is a good dog. He doesn't go to the bathroom inside, is willing to wait at home while I go to my 9-5 job, does not show any signs of aggression towards people or friendly dogs, and obeys simple commands.
: He is overall a great dog, but he does pull on his leash when we go for walks, straining to walk far ahead of me and determining the pace. But I don't mind his behavior because it makes him happy.
: At this point, should I worry about enrolling Pip in obedience school? Is his leash behavior a sign of his dominance that could later become a problem? Couldn't I handle this one on my own? Or should I just let him run around on his leash as much as he wants?


Hi Sarah,

Thanks from all of us here for adopting this little waif!

Well it sounds like you are doing very well with him. Getting a good heel on this breed will test even the most patient of us lol! It takes lots of practice and then lots more it seems.

Well I am not going to discourage you in taking Pip to obedience school even though he already knows things. Obedience school is not only a great place for him to hone his basic obedience commands, but its a great place to socialize him and a wonderful way of bonding with him.

Many behaviorists and trainers say that leash pulling is a sign of dominance and I will have to defer to their expertise, however I think in many cases with a JRT it's a lot more to do with their enthusiasm than anything else!

There's always a time for proper heeling and a time for letting a dog just have fun, but you should be the one to determine that, not Pip ;)

Cheers to you and Pip!