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Hunting Instinct

Posted by:  Lisa
Category:   Hunting
Posted on:  August 27, 2002 at 04:29:50


I think that the hunting instinct has kicked into my nearly year old neutered male puddin JRT. He goes mad when we are out on walks looking into every front garden , Hole in the fence and under parked cars chasing squirels up trees and whining madly at them. He goes mad and will not listen to me when I try to stop him pulling he is like a thing possesed. When he is in doors he is fine he is not interested in hurting our cat and submits when she walks past him. I am keeping a close eye on them because of his behaviour outside. Other than this he is the most friendly terrier I have seen and adores kids and adults alike as well as other dogs and goes to higher obiedience training once a week.Am I right in thinking it is his hunting instinct or could there be another problem.