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Play Time!!!

Posted by:  Lisa
Category:   Other
Posted on:  September 03, 2002 at 21:57:13



I know this is a question and answer forum, but I just want to add this happy little story about a game I play with my 8 month old JRT. We love this game and I think it has helped bond us together for life. We will continue to play this game for the rest of her happy life.

She is crated for about 6 hours a day...while I am at work (which I hate) but one has to do what they have to do to protect their house and their loving friend while not supervised.

The game is this: as soon as I come home, I change my clothes (with her watching every move I make), then I yell in a loving voice, "LAST ONE IN IS A ROTTEN DOG"...and I run and jump on the bed. She is never the last one in....so, I guesss that makes me the rotten dog...LOL

We roll around and play for about and hour and she thinks this is the greatest thing since basted dog treats! She looks forward to our game daily, and so do i for that matter....it starts the evening off right for playing and interacting with the family. I have found that she and I have become closer then ever because of this game....it's fun and we both look forward to it very much!

I think everyone that crates their dog/puppy during the day while at work should find a special time to bond...it works wonders for everyone involved!! :)