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Overattached or Normal Puppy?

Posted by:  Lindsay
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted on:  October 23, 2002 at 08:38:05


Hello! I searched for something similar but could not find anything. :)
We have a 7 month old, neutered, male JRT named Magnus. We brought him home at 8 weeks old and I am home with him pretty much all the time. I go to school and am gone only 2 days a week to classes for no longer than 3 1/2 hours. My husband works full time and goes to night classes twice a week. Hubby plays with Magnus a little, but I am the one who feeds, disciplines, walks, grooms, etc. the dogs (we also have a 6 yr old female Pomeranian). Magnus does well in the crate at night, he goes in without a fuss now and gets a treat for being a good boy. During the day if I need to leave he runs away and hides from me and then cries when in the crate (I always give him a treat for going in the crate). I ignore his whining and go on to do what I need to. If I leave him with my husband, Magnus cries by the door or hides under the bed until I return, refusing my husbands attempts to play. This week my husband is on vacation, and on his 2nd day he went into town to run errands. Magnus cried when he left (a first) and became anxious, pacing the floor and whining. I distracted him with his favorite toy and he relaxed and behaved normally.
On the days I have class, I get up an hour early just to play with Magnus and come home between classes to play with him more. I take him to his favorite park every other day for lots of exercise and on the other days he plays in our large back yard (1 acre). I stuff a kong for him to keep him from being bored in the crate and have well socialized him and am teaching him obedience. He's very sweet, usually well behaved, and everyone he meets gets a big puppy hug from him (he's quite popular at the park :).
So, my questions: Is his whining when I leave normal for a puppy? or Is he overattached? Am I doing something wrong? My husband says I've just spoiled him and that is the problem.
I will appreciate any suggestions!!