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Re: Bringing a JRT to our house

Posted by:  Leslie Hemsing
Posted on:  December 27, 2002 at 23:41:39

In Reply to: Bringing a JRT to our house
Category:   Other
Posted by:  Jason Webb
Posted on:  December 27, 2002 at 11:36:56


: my aunt has been a JRT breeder for a few years now since she retired. She now is retiring from the breeding business as well and has an adorable 6 year old female breeder. The dog is very lovable and great around the kids when we have went to visit her so far. My aunt says it is the most peronable female she ever had. The dog is not house broken as it has been kept in an outside kennel except when excersized. I guess my question is can this dog be transitioned from the outside situation it was living in to an indoor situation I have to offer it. My wife and I both work until about 3 in the afternoon so it will be alone most of the day during the week. We have a large fenced backyard but live around busy streets so probably would elect not to have her out here while were at work. I have asthma so having a clean dog is very importnant. We are thinking about having the dog here for a trial week for one to see if the dog makes me sick and two to see if it barks nips and snarls when we have guests like the worthless chihuahua
: (SP) we had. Ive always wanted one of these dogs because I know they are very smart and the ones my uncle has kept I have always been impressed with. My uncle is not giving me her papers but I dont plan to breed her anymore anyway, we just want her as a family pet to travel with us and make memories with us. How hard would it be to housebreak an older dog? What should we do while away at work especially at first? Is it possible for the dog to change its lifestyle from a outdoor kennel breeder to an indoor family dog? Do you know of any other people with asthma who own a jack russell without it causing health problems?


Dear Jason,

I appreciate that you are trying to finding a way to "fit" a JRT into your life and suggest that the "try-out" should be for the dog's benefit. A kennel-raised, brood bitch can be trained to be an indoor dog/pet but this requires that you spend a lot of time with her. Since JRTs shed both hair and dander regularly, you should consider the breed to be "unhealthy" for your condition.

You cannot change your health but you can change your attitude toward breeds that offer companionship without risk to your condition. As much as I love my terriers and enjoy their intelligence/attitude, etc, I do not, and will not, consider other breeds "worthless."

I suggest you review the information about the breed on this website and take advantage of our FAQs and search engine. Thank you for considering all of the information before you make this life-long decision.