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Re: JRT ignores mouse

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  December 31, 2002 at 14:26:06

In Reply to: JRT ignores mouse
Category:   Hunting
Posted by:  herta blye
Posted on:  December 27, 2002 at 22:32:23


: Hi, Our JRT Fritzie (5 yr female) has shown great tenacity with a rat this summer. So, when mice started invading our house due to a hole from the garage to the den, I was disappointed by Fritzie's reaction! The mouse walked right by her - not once, but twice this happened. Fritzie did not bat an eyelash. She sat on the sofa next to me - as if the mouse wasn't there! Our Beagle Peppi at least smells where the mouse had been after the fact and sniffs and scratches but Peppi usually is crated. She also ignored the mouse at one time when sitting on the sofa!I have installed Riddex - maybe this keeps the mice from inside the walls - but they sure travel along the baseboards at night! I have stuffed the openings where they come in with aluminum foil and put out spring traps - catching approximately a mouse a day. Is it that Fritzie cannot dig holes in the house? Before I installed the Riddex, there was some rodent in the walls and Fritzie sure went wild. Is it the noise of the rodent that excites them and not the sight of them and their smell?


Hi Herta,

I'm not sure why Fritzie is ignoring the mice but I can tell you that some dogs just react differently.

My Brody goes nuts when he smells/hears one. He will "work" the walls, floors and cabinets where he knows one is and until we can trap and kill the thing he will not let up. He's an excellent GTG dog by the way lol!

My other JRT could care less. Talk about Yin and Yang! Total opposite. I would have to literally put the mouse right in front of him and then he would probably do something, although outdoors he does actively hunt out rabbit nests and the like. I guess he figures if the mouse is indoors it must be okay.

I know his eyesight is fine so it's not that he can't see them, his hearing is okay too so he must hear them, he must be able to smell them but I do believe Brody has a better nose on him.

I just think some dogs will go nuts and others don't care, I bet if she found one in her food bowl it might get a rise out of her!

Happy New Year!