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Re: 4 year old JRT Habitual Marking

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  February 02, 2003 at 15:51:10

In Reply to: 4 year old JRT Habitual Marking
Category:   House Breaking
Posted by:  Kelly
Posted on:  February 02, 2003 at 15:21:25


: My fiance has had "Fuzzy" for 4years now. He has marked/urinated in the same area for that length of time. I have moved into to house and am trying to discourage this behavior. We have a wood floor with a rug and that is where he marks. I have srubbed the floor with vinegar and then rubbing alcohol and replaced the rug. Well the new rug lasted about 2 days and he is urinating on it, but in a different spot. I am at my wits end on this. I am having problems getting "consent" from my fiance to nueter him. "Fuzzy" has only been MY dog for 5 months. HELP!!!


Hi Kelly,

First of all you need to clean the areas with an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle or Simple Solution. Other cleaners only mask the odor to us humans but the dogs can still smell the urine, this is one of the reasons they go back to the same spot over and over again.

Have you discussed the health benefits of having "Fuzzy" neutered? That it will keep the dog from getting testicular cancer and possibly also prostate cancer? That "Fuzzy" will actually become a much better pet because he will not want to roam looking for bitches in heat? Or fight with other dogs? And that it might help lessen territorial aggression and marking? You probably have, but it doesn't hurt to mention it again.

"Fuzzy" shouldn't be having the run of the house if he is marking inside it. If someone cannot watch him all the time he is out, then he either needs to be crated or he should be tethered to one of you so when he goes to lift, someone is there to make the correction and have him go outside. You can also try taking him out more often, the more opportunity to get him to empty is bladder is then, of course, less opportunity for him to mark indoors, kind of hard to do if nothing is coming out ;)

Even if "Fuzzy" was neutered at this age, it would still be months before the male hormones would dissipate and he would still need behavior modification because he has done this behavior for so long now. This is one of the reasons we always recommend early neutering of pets. So many of them end up in shelters and rescues because people didn't want to neuter their dogs and then didn't want to put up with the marking behavior.

Good luck Kelly, you have your work cut out for you!

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