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Leaving my JRT pup with previous owner and mom...

Posted by:  Ariel Padilla
Category:   Other
Posted on:  February 04, 2003 at 10:35:32


The woman from whom I bought my male JRT, the owner of my JRT's mother, loves her dogs so much that she has offered me to take care of my dog whenever I have to leave town with my family and can't take him with me. I acquired "Jack" back when he was 11 weeks old. 4 weeks have gone by, so he's, currently, 15 weeks old. He seems to have adapted super fast and well to my family and home. Ok, I'm planning on taking my family on a short overnight trip and I can't go with our puppy to the hotel where we'll be staying. My question is: would it be a bad idea to leave "Jack" with his previous owner (and with his mom!), since he has only been such a short time with us? If so, would it be ok to do so sometime in the future, when he's older? Thanks in advance.