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growling in bed

Posted by:  Stephanie
Category:   Aggression
Posted on:  February 04, 2003 at 16:56:29


I have read all your posts on growling and have learned that you must not let a dog on furniture esp. the bed, if they are growling at you. My questions is this: My husband and I have a 15 week old female, she is very submissive, and we make her work for everything i.e. food, furniture privileges and play time. However, last night my husband and I were joking around and she was sleeping with us. He pestered her trying to wake her up to say "please". She took about a minute of his pestering and then growled (I thought it was understandable:), but not acceptable). My husband quickly looked her in the eye and told her to "knock it off", in a very stern voice. Her ears loosened up and she put her head down. She also usually cuddles with me and she cuddled with him the whole night. We were baffled. Should we cut off her furniture privileges now or give her another chance? The last thing we want is an aggressive adult. She is very well socialized, is in puppy school, and is very obedient with the commands she knows. She seems to be more obedient with me than my husband. Thank you for any help you can give.