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Posted by:  Shelly Gydesen
Category:   Medical
Posted on:  February 11, 2003 at 20:34:03


I have 3 jrts. I started out with one female and we bred her with a friends male. We have kept a puppy from each litter. The male born Oct. 2001 belongs to my oldest son. He is the greatest dog! Last year, he came in contact with earmites. When I had him nurtered, my vet gave me eardrops. A couple of months later I noticed Willie cannot hear anymore. We have talked to him, clapped and whistled when he is not looking. I see him react from the other two, as to when to bark or come to me. Once in awhile he will react to a sharp whistle or noise. Can my vet test him and is this a side effect from the mites or the drops? He had the mites only a day after I noticed him shaking and scratching and then we were to the vet for his surgery. I have looked in both ears and do not see any dirt and there is no bad smell. I've read about testing the pups, but see nothing about deafness in older dogs. I would never get rid of him, I would just like to help him. Other then the hearing, he is an excellent dog!