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Rapid Weight loss and thirsty dog- JR

Posted by:  Elinor Storrie
Posted on:  February 12, 2003 at 08:40:09


Our dog sam is 14 years old, but since last October he has began to loose alot of weight. He drinks alot of water everyday but does not eat. He has been to the vet and she said that he has a heart condition, he has fluid around the heart and that is why he has be coughing alot. He goes to the vet every two weeks for an steroid injection to help him eat, this lasts for a couple of days. The vet can not tell us anything, but he is really going down hill now. I know that he is old. but he has always been a very cheerful chappie and he has been a great wee companion. But what can we do, we have tried everything to get him to eat. I would appreciate any help on this, any advice that you could give. Also his nose is very, very dry, and i know this is not normal. thanks in anticipation. Elinor.