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Dogs fighting

Posted by:  Chris Hotchkiss
Posted on:  February 16, 2003 at 22:29:42


I would like to thankyou for previous advice on your dogs, I have a 7yr old fem jack, who is a dream no bark no bite no chew. we where lucky. adopted a 4.5 mo old male jack from shelter who is almost the same size as our fem, anyhow we have had some issue`s and we are dealing, but the one major one is their pressitance on playing and at times all out fight, in which the youngest one will not stop trying to attack the older I mean its unbelievable, sharp little teeth ripping at her and you yell and pull them apart force him to sit but he still keeps attacking, i know its their breeding but my wife has got hurt seperating them. they have harness`s on just so we can get them apart. i am sorry but i am being honest in order to get the best advice. we let them play thinking the older one will take care of business then we have a war, and I dont believe in hitting animals but i just dont know how to stop this madness they fight for treats food affection or nothing 24/7. its getting on our nerves and we want to give this young guy every chance to be in a good home lots of walks a yard treats chews and love.
thank you in advance
Chris and Tania