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Re: Brother & Sister seperation during heat

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  March 06, 2003 at 10:15:14

In Reply to: Brother & Sister seperation during heat
Category:   Breeding
Posted by:  Chris
Posted on:  March 05, 2003 at 19:24:16


: We have two JRT's that have the same sire. The male is 7 months old and the female is 5 months old. I am not willing to get one or the other spayed/neutered at this time. What are my options? Is it at all possible to have them in the same house and maintian some level of normalcy? Are there facilities/Breeders that will help?

: We love our pups very much and do not wish to alter them in any way, and eventually would like to breed them. Suggestions??


Hi Chris,

Your options are to keep them totally separated when your bitch goes into heat. That might mean having to keep one securely kenneled outside, sent off to either a friend or family member or a boarding kennel (that would end up being the male).

If you try keeping them in the same house you will go nuts while she's in heat and your male will be trying to get to her. I am not going to sugar coat it, the chances of your bitch getting bred too early is high if you try to keep two intact dogs together. Many bitches have silent heats, and you may not even know when she is going into heat. The safest way is to keep them separated for about a month during her heat cycle to make sure she hasn't been bred.

Before you decide to breed you need to do your homework and must be able to answer lots of questions, some of which are your dogs quality enough to add additional dogs into this world. I can tell you from experience as I love my two JRTs more than you'll ever know, but I know that they would not add anything to the gene pool. I would never end up with any pups that would be "just like them" and so they are neutered.

Are you able to find quality, good homes for every puppy you bring into this world and are you willing to take back a dog at any time, for any reason, if one of the pups you bred can no longer live in the home you sent it off to.

This is a HUGE responsibility and one that should never be gotten into lightly. There a plenty of dogs out there already desperately in need of homes, many are put to sleep daily because that home cannot be found, our Rescue is FULL of terriers in desperate need of placement.

Are you planning on hunting and showing your terriers before breeding them? Are you also planning on BAER and CERF testing among the other tests that need to be done before breeding? Are you able to financially afford vet care in case your bitch runs into problems delivering her pups?

I am providing some links for you to read. If you are seriously considering breeding your dogs then you need to know everything before going ahead. You owe it to these dogs you love.


Breeder Code of Ethics, JRTCA Breed Standard, JRTCA Registration, Breeding FAQ