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Re: Second male JRT

Posted by:  Carol P.
Posted on:  March 06, 2003 at 11:45:27

In Reply to: Second male JRT
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted by:  Elizabeth
Posted on:  March 04, 2003 at 09:35:32


: I have recently (2 days ago) rescued a second neutered JRT male that is 2 years old (Fred). I have had the first (Jack) neutered male (approx. 2.5 years old) for a year now. They get along great, so far, accept for "playtime". Both seem to want my undivided attention and then start to "play-fight" (only calling it that because no blood is drawn, but teeth are bared). Each one seems to be vieing for the spot right next to me. Fred, the new dog, starts to hump Jack and I try to stop him from doing so. Should I continue to do this? Will the fights stop? I have read through the forum about the establishment of a peckign order within a pack... is two a pack? I feel a little guilty that Jack is treated this way.... Should I? (btw right now both are sleeping with Fred laying on Jack's hind quarters as a "pillow").

: Thanks so much for your help!!
: Elizabeth


Bless you for rescuing that dog! I'm not a behaviorist, but I can address some of the questions you have.
First, two days is barely enough time for the dogs to settle in with each other. They have lots of sorting out to do, in adapting to the 2-dog situation. Yes, 2 dogs will have to come to some arrangement as to which is #1, and which is #2. And, it might differ according to the situation. One might wind up being the one to get sleeping quarters priveleges, and the other might be top dog as far as toys are concerned.
Second, I think you are not wrong to stop behavior that you don't want. Dogs play around with humping a lot, and we attach a heavy sexual message to it, but they seem not to. You realize, I hope that having 2 males is tempting fate a bit; they may co-exist nicely for the most part, but many owners see serious fights occasionally even between well-adjusted fellows. Most experienced JRT people advise letting the dogs sort it out themselves. Don't step in & interfere in a squabble, unless things get really serious. (Don't ever reach for, or between seriously fighting terriers. You'll get hurt).
Hope these ideas help you. Again, 2 days is just a beginning for these guys. Wait and watch. Best of luck & thanks for adopting. C.P.