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skin colour around eyes

Posted by:  Anne Reardon
Category:   Other
Posted on:  March 06, 2003 at 22:38:13


I have just been to see some three week old pups with a view to buying one in about 4 weeks time. These are pups with the same father as my previous dog who died but whose mother is the sister of my previous dog's mother - so, same family. I'm wondering how much their colouring is likely to change as they grow in the next few weeks. The female I liked the best has a very dark (almost black) ear and side of her face, and the other side is all white. The skin around her eyes seems very light now and I would really prefer her to have darker eyes and skin around the eyes. Is this likely to change as she grows or not? The reason I like the darker eyes is because my other two JRs had them. The mother and father of this new pup both have a lot of tan on their heads and dark eyes with dark pigmentation on the skin around the eyes.