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Help! Unexpectedly Have a JRT in our Home!

Posted by:  Juli
Category:   General Training
Posted on:  March 09, 2003 at 00:17:24


My son's girlfriend bought a JRT in Florida last week. (We live in Michigan). Her parents won't let her keep it, so now it is at our house. We have been thinking about getting a dog, but this is a less than ideal time, nor do I think our household is an ideal place for a JRT. My son will be away at school until May, but we can't just ignore the dog until then. I think we are certainly smart enough to learn what to do, but I'm fairly intimidated at this point. I picked up "JRT's for Dummies" today as well as a couple of other books. My older sister breeds Ibizen Hounds and is giving us as much advice as she can. Some things that bother me is that we don't have a fenced yard, live on a lake, travel a great deal, have twin boys, age 7, know next to nothing about the breeder, and have two teenagers that have no idea what they just brought home. I've told them that we all have to read the books and be on the same page with training this dog, or she won't be able to stay here. I think my exact words were more along the lines of "it won't be fair to the dog if we are inconsistent".

I'm really wondering if we are fooling ourselves here. My sister is confident we can handle this and has offered to take the dog if she gets too much. She has no children and certainly knows dogs. She knows JRT breeders and seems to know a heck of a lot more than I do about the breed. The dog will primarily be in my care, but really belongs to my son's girlfriend. She's already bothered at how agressive I've become about training and learning all I can about JRT's.

OK. I'm sorry. There just doesn't seem to be any single question I can ask. I need to read through all the forums, read the books, and figure out what we are doing.

Any quick advice would be appreciated.