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Re: Not fully house broken

Posted by:  Leslie Hemsing
Posted on:  March 27, 2003 at 21:57:33

In Reply to: Not fully house broken
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted by:  Ben
Posted on:  March 27, 2003 at 09:11:02


: Hi,
: Our male JRT(Dewey) just turned one this past weekend. We love him to death and think for the most park he is a well behaved pup. The one problem we have is just when we think he is completely house broken he pees in the house. Another thing, the past 2 days he has gone #2 in the house while we've been home which has never happened before. We don't know why he wouldn't just go to the door like he does 95% of the time? He has done it almost right after we have taken him out too? Any suggestions as to how to get him through the last stage of potty training? And also why he would start going #2 in the house? The snow has melted outside and it almost seems like he is distracted by the smell of the grass to take the time to go? We do stay out long enough to give him plenty of time to go though?


Dear Ben,

Happy Birthday to Dewey! Our terriers celebrated their birthdays this past weekend too -- the big TEN-OH as in "OH my goodness they are now into double digits!" :-)

First rule of house training -- a terrier who is not FULLY house broken does not get the run of the house. The definition of FULLY house broken is when the dog knows that he/she MUST "hold it" until he/she is let outside.

I understand how wonderful it is to make it through one day without having to clean up an "oops" on the carpet. After two or three days, we can hardly contain ourselves (LOL!) and after a week, we start to RELAX. Which is usually when, and why, we have to clean the carpet again. :-)

I recommend that you stop letting Dewey have the run of the house even when you're home; even though he's 12 months old, you should treat him like he's a 12 WEEK old terrier. This may resolve the problem of Dewey recently going #2 in the house though I suggest you should also consider any change to his diet, routine, environment as a possible cause for him pooping in the house.

Hang in there, Ben; I'm sure you can teach Dewey what he needs to know to earn him that last 5%. :-)

Best of luck,