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potty training/ crate training

Posted by:  kerrie
Category:   House Breaking
Posted on:  March 29, 2003 at 22:31:47


Hi, I have a five month old male JRT, and we are having a hard time potty training him. At firt I was using a baby gates to block him off in a small hallway with pee pads, when we went to work.He would pee on them but not defcate, also he would walk in it. so now I am trying a crate. It worked great the first two days, but then he started using his bed for a toleit,I took out his bed.Now he just messes everyware and gets it all over him and toys and chewys.
My dog is real sweet, but I can't live with the potty training problem. Also we are gone for about 10'1/2 hours a day. Do you feel this is to long to leave him in a crate? Please help We love our dog, but enough is enough.

Thank you Kerrie