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extremely aggressive only to neighborhood dog

Posted by:  Adrienne L.
Posted on:  April 02, 2003 at 16:25:24


My JRT is a three-year old female, perfect in every way except.....there are two dogs that live in our neighborhood that she simply cannot stand. She acts like she wants to kill these dogs (one is a miniature schnauzer, the other a maltese.) Every time they are outside she goes crazy barking/yipping and nothing can stop her. On the (thankfully) rare occasions she manages to slip out our door unleashed, she heads right to one of the other dogs' houses and starts attacking the front door! My JRT and these dogs have not met let alone had a previous confrontation (and I'm too worried to introduce them now!) I thought the problem might be small dogs (she definately prefers the big ones) but when we are on walks or at the park and encounter small dogs, she is fine and friendly. She just does not like these two dogs in our neighborhood and I don't know why. She gets along with all other dogs in the neighborhood and is hardly ever aggressive when meeting new dogs outside of our neighborhood. Is there anything I can do about her behavior? Thank you.