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Re: my dog is grumpy when sleeping

Posted by:  Carol P
Posted on:  April 10, 2003 at 11:53:51

In Reply to: my dog is grumpy when sleeping
Category:   Aggression
Posted by:  BrianinFlorida
Posted on:  April 08, 2003 at 20:41:42


: Dear JRTCA forum

: My question is two part and i hope you can give me some insight into both.. I adopted my jrt when he was 1 y/o from a friend who could no longer keep up with his energy. he is 2 y/o now and was neutered 5 months ago.

: 1) My jrt sleeps in bed with me. He is the sweetest dog but if I disturb him while he is sleeping he will growl and try to bite me. Im not sure what steps or disciplenary action i should use to correct this problem...

: 2) I live in very rural area in south Florida. During summer time our yard is taken over by poisonus Bufo toads. My jrt loves to hunt these toads he has alreay gotten a hold of two of them. When this happens he foams at the mouth and gets a bit dizzy. I imediately wash his mouth out with water and give him milk and bread. My vet has told me to make him drink hydrogen-peroxide. To induce vomiting, I was just wondering if you had any others suggestions for me?

: Thanks
: Brian in Florida


Brian, #1 --- I would tolerate an under-the-breath "grumble", maybe, but never a real attempt to bite. Get this dog OFF your bed. If he won't stay off with only your verbal command, then confine him. He will have to earn the right to sleep on the bed with you.
#2 --- We don't have those toads up north, so I'm hoping some other reader will write in with advice for you. Since its a regional problem, I'd think other dog owners in your area might be knowledgeable about them. Thanks for your questions. C.P.