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Thin Coat ?!?!

Posted by:  Claire
Category:   Medical
Posted on:  April 27, 2003 at 18:49:28


My 1yr 8 mo. female JRT has a very thin coat only on the sides of her body. The fur on her back down the spine is normal but the sides have a very thin layer of fur. When she was a pup she had mange on her feet only but we got rid of it almost a year ago. We use prescription shampoo from the vet and feed her very good (expensive) dog food reccomended by the vet. Do you think it was the medications (Ivomectin, atarax, primor, mederol) and mange dips we had to give her that caused this? What can i do to boost her coat up? Vitamins? I heard somewhere that if you put a raw egg in the food once a week it should help. Any suggestions? I would prefer not to use more medication if at all possible, she's had a lot when she was a pup.Thanks!!!!