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Re: hopeless!

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  May 01, 2003 at 12:12:51

In Reply to: hopeless!
Category:   General Training
Posted by:  Komal
Posted on:  May 01, 2003 at 09:48:37


: I have a 6 month olf female JRT, and we got her since she was 6-7 weeks old.
: She is a happy and energetic dog and the vet is happy that she is very healthy.
: The problem is that she didn't get trained! We tried everything from books and the internet and people, nothings worked! she only is housetrained and knows her name. Please help us!
: Secondly, she pulls on the lead, and starts coughing but doesnt give up.
: We dont take her to countryside walks - be live in the city (in a villa) so there are no rabbits or squirels she could chase.
: And she runs away! we have to run after to catch her, which makes her run even more, but thats the only option we have!
: This is our first dog, and we love her very much , and dont want to give up (yet!)
: Please help!
: Thanks.
: p.s she is not aggressive, super-friendly and knows who the leader is. BUT, shows no interest in learing!


Hi Komal,

The best way to train your dog is to go to obedience school with her. I don't much believe in sending a dog off to be trained while the owner sits home.

Obedience school is a good opportunity to bond deeper with your dog while you and she learns basic obedience. You learn how to train your dog properly and your dog learns to listen to you and obey.

The key to any obedience training is doing the work in class and then the daily mini-sessions between classes. Trainers always know who has worked their dogs during the week and who hasn't. The ones that do come to class with dogs that know what to do, the ones that don't come and the dog still can't perform the commands and the people wonder why their dogs can't learn.

All dogs can learn, it's up to their owners to teach them. So find a class, commit yourself to doing the "homework" and I assure you that your terrier will start to listen and obey.

Ask your vet if they know of any good trainers in your area.