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Undecided on Lyme vaccine

Posted by:  Jenny
Category:   Medical
Posted on:  May 09, 2003 at 08:35:41


Thanks again for the great advice on this forum!
I have a 5 year old spayed JRT who just went in for her annual vaccinations.
My vet recommended giving her a Lyme vaccine, as they have had 20 dog deaths in my area since September. (I live in Northern Massachusetts).
I asked him about the side effects and he was very honest. The new vaccine hasn't been used for more than a year, they don't have any conclusive proof about the side effects of the drug, and it's probable my dog won't need it.
She gets checked for ticks every day, religiously gets her preventative treatment once a month, and generally has a very bad reaction to her vaccines (lameness, fever, vomiting, etc. for a few days).
That said, I decided NOT to give her the Lyme vaccine. I am now second-guessing myself. I am a responsible JRT owner, and love my girl dearly. I don't want to her contact Lyme, but I can't justify putting yet another vaccine into her little body (She is only 9lbs). I am horrified about the side effects from the shots given annually to dogs...it seems like through my research I've found more dogs die FROM the vaccinations that from the diseases they shots are said to be protecting from.
Any thoughts/ideas about what I should do? Has anyone else had or not had the Lyme shot? What were your reactions?
I just want what's best for my terrier.
Thank you,