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Story Name: Jacque needs your help!
From: Ilene

My Jack Russell Story:

"Jacque" is an 18 mo.old Jack Russell. His owner Lisa Merrell, had just relocated to Seattle from Dallas. She was staying with a friend. While unloading her car Jacque wandered over to the nearby park to sniff out his new turf. Within minutes she heard Jacque let out a blood curdling scream. When Lisa ran to him, he was moving very slowly. She picked him up and his tongue was turning blue. Lisa raced him down the street to a nearby Vet. They stablized him but were not equipped for the type of surgery necessary, so the shipped Lisa and Jacque to Critical Care Associates in Ballard. It turns out that Jacque had been shot by a C02/pellet gun! His wounds were extensive and he underwent intense surgery to repair his ruptured aorta. Lisa who had only been in town for a day, was on a very tight budget, was just beginning her search for a new job and an apartment. But as we JR owners know, Lisa was willing to do just about anything for her JR as long as he could still have a quality of life. I'm happy to tell you that Jacque is on his way to recovery, and just came to his new home yesterday. He's walking (slowly) and finally was able to eat. He's not completely out of the dark yet, but the Vet gives him a really good chance of full recovery. Lisa says,"he's shown an unbelievable determination to live." Lisa now has a job and a new home and she has her Jacque back. But she also has a whopper of a Vet bill (nearly $4000) which she had to max out her credit card to take care of. KING-5 TV ran Jacque's story and lots of wonderful folks sent some money, but it's only a dent at this point. I spoke with Lisa today and she says people have been so very kind and helpful, but she's going to have a hard time paying off the credit card bill. Despite all this she's very optimistic, still happy to be in Seattle and looking forward to pursuing her passion for cycling around the Puget Sound area. If you would like to help Lisa and Jacque out with the Vet bills they can be sent to: Lisa Merrell & Jacque, C/O Critical Care Associates, 15th NW, Seattle, WA. Please share this story with others. Send whatever you can; consider it your "random act of kindness" for the month. Someday your JR may need help, the good deed is sure to come back to you. Thanks!

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