Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Goose chaser
From: Mark Correal

My Jack Russell Story:

My JR, Ito, named after that useless judge, has solved a community problem. For several years a flock of Canadian Geese settled on the football field and public area of our local park fouling the area with droppings. Last year Ito and I went down to the field and when he saw the geese, he jumped out the window of my jeep and took of after them. As he is my first Jack Russell, I did not know of his hunting ability. Sure enough, he chased them off trhe field and cleared the area. After a few runs like this, the geese left the park for elsewhere.

The local newspaper had an editorial "Where have all the geese gone?". They therorized that fear of hunters, better habitat, and climate changes all chased the geese away. Whatever the reason, all were thankful that a health hazard had been solved. Little do they know that sitting on my couch lies the true answer for the relief.

Should they come back, just say to Ito, " Hey Ito, wanna chase some geese?"

Now if only he would stop running on the field during games and stealing the football!

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