Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: The Aggressor Aggro'd
From: Lisa Evans

My Jack Russell Story:

My 7 yr old JRT, Tiff, quite typically, dislikes other dogs!! So you can imagine the usual scenes when I take her to the local field - lots of growling, ruff up, intimidating stares - when she sees a dog that's bigger than herself! She especially likes to have a go at Alsations!! However, one day last year, she completely surprised me! I had walked halfway across the field, and as per the norm, expected her to sniff around near the entrance then come hurling after me. But as I strode on my way, wondering more & more why I didn't hear any little pounding doggy feet, I noticed the 2 loose dogs I had spotted earlier, were trotting merrily in Tiffs direction. I turned to see what she was doing, and there she was, still near the entrance, transfixed by the approach of these 2 dogs - but not for long! As I opened my mouth to call her, she just turned tail and disappeared out of the field!! I couldn't even call her back - she was in TOP PANIC mode!

I raced out of the field, up the lane to my street, looked up & down the road - no sign of her! I was in TOP PANIC mode now! my street is a busy town road!! Then I ran back towards my house - and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief!! There she was, half sitting, quaking by my back gate!! I was too glad she was safe, to admonish her for running off - besides - how do you do that?!!

So, Tiff still goes for the bigger dogs and nips at smaller dogs who come over, but 2 dogs make a 'pack' I suppose, in her mind! And that's not on!

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