Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Marvin's Advice with Elmo's help
From: Nancy

My Jack Russell Story:

I have been a Veterinary Technician for about 11 years and have seen LOTS of dogs of different breeds as well as a long-time dog owner. I have owned Boxers, Dachshunds, and a Malamute and just recently, a JRT. I have seen quite a few JRTs in my career and quite honestly, this was not a breed I wanted. They are somewhat notorious in Veterinary Circles.

Now I'm not saying vets don't like them, I'm just saying that they can be a little difficult to work with in the office. Anyway, as I mentioned I had no desire to own a JRT but my boyfriend had wanted one for awhile, so I asked my Boxer (Elmo) if he would mind and we agreed to let Marvin come live with us.

Now as you all know, I fell in love and have no regrets. He is thoroughly charming and intelligent and is great company for Elmo. BUT... it is SO important to give these little geniuses direction and guidance for their energies!!! These dogs need HANDLING, HANDLING, HANDLING just like their vet would do in an exam. Please teach them to let you touch their feet, look in their ears and mouth, etc... It is not cruel and does not break a JRT's spirit to teach him some manners.

Don't get me wrong... Marvin is still feisty and smart and playful (and not perfect, nor am I) but he acts like a gentleman at the vet. This will save us stress, $$$$, and possibly his life someday. Thanks for reading.

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