Jack Russell Story

Courtesy of zszycman@vision.net.au

Story Name: Hayley Jack Russell and the fish hook.
From: Jayne and Mark Szycman

My Jack Russell Story:

It all started when Mark decided to go fishing. Hayley wanted to go too but she wasn't aloud. Mark spent many hours sitting on the cold rocks and the only thing he caught was weed. Now, Mark can be pretty stupid sometimes and just to show he is, when he came home from fishing he left his fishing rod standing up against the fence with some bait still on the hook. A few hours later when Mum was cooking tea she heard a yike so she went outside to see what it was. She saw Hayley draging a fishing rod across the backyard so she went and took it off her. That night when our family was watching television dad noticed something in Hayleys nose. We all thought it was a staple. Dad tried to get it out but it wouldn't come out. The next day Mum took her to the vet. He said it was a fish hook and he would have to take it out. It was sad to see our baby being put into a cage, but it was all for the best. That afternoon when we went to pick Hayley up, she hadn't fully recovered from her operation and she was still drowsy from the General Antiseptic. When she finally did come round she was all better and we were glad to see her nose wasn't glinting in the sun anymore.

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