Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Rocky And Mothers Nylons!
From: Drew Dorian

My Jack Russell Story:

I have a 5 month old JRT named Rocky. One Friday my school was called off. Rocky loves silky things so he snatched my Moms nylon and ran under the bed!!! He was sitting under the bed and I couldn't get him, so I scared him out and grabbed him. I grabbed the end of the nylon and pulled slightly. Rocky Bit me so I let go and he swallowed it ( it was one of those thigh high nylons with a big rubber thing at the end.) The vet said that if he hurled it up he might die so we gave him peanut butter and mineral oil so he would poop it out. I was suppose to go to Detroit on vacation that weekend but this stranded me. He never pooped it out but the monday afterward he was gaging on something and my Dad held him over the toilet and he hurled it up all in one piece. He is still alive and my Mom could have washed the nylon and wore it to work.

Rocky today still tries to eat more nylons!!

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