Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Hard-headed Warm laundry lover
From: Brad

My Jack Russell Story:

Ziggy is just 1-Yr old and controls both of his masters. He goes for a 2-mile run most days and once home acts as if he had just walked to the mail box and back. Do they ever run out of energy??? I think that EVERREADY should reconsider the rabbit thing and use a JRT for all future ads. Ziggy scares us with his potential smartness. I think he would probably get a better SAT score than me. But, as smart as he appears he also shows an equally stupid side. He is constantly bumping his head on table corners, doors, door frames etc. He has never yelped or shown that it has hurt...but as you & I know it's gotta hurt a bit. Ziggy's most annoying trait is he is on me like another layer of skin. He won't leave me alone. I think he just loves me too much. The only time I can get him away from me is when we are doing laundry and we remove the warm clothes. He must lay on them and extract all the heat available. I guess he's kind of recycling or ?? What a dog.

Never dull here, but then after reading other's letters I now know what lies ahead

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