Jack Russell Story

Story Name: William
From: Colleen Ladrigan

My Jack Russell Story:

My boyfriend and I purchased a Jack Russell puppy from a wonderful kennel. We already had 2 ferrets and were anxious about how the ferrets would react to an addition to the house. The puppy we purchased has a wonderful personality, he's very sweet and loving. He is also very stubborn and tests us at every turn, which can be very amusing. With the addition of a puppy to our home, the most surprising thing was the reaction of our ferrets, which we have owned for 3 years. The female ferret, Julie, took to William ( the Jack Russell) almost immediately. They have been close buddies ever since. Willian is very protective of Julie and if he feels that she is threatened, he will put himself between Julie and whomever he feels is threatening her (growling of course). Edward ( our male ferret) is another story. The moment we brought William home, Edward was "sulking" and would not hide that fact that he disliked William. We were concerned in the beginning that William would hurt the ferrets, being a hunting dog, so we keep a close watch on them. William would try to play with Edward, who wanted nothing to do with him. But, after about 7 months, Edward and William appeared to reach an agreement about territory. Edward had the closets and William had the recreation room.

The point of the story is to point out that even though Jack Russell's are bred to be hunting, working dogs, they can be more than that. William is very quick, agile and smart. He's appeared in many agility races and placed very well. He's very alert and very responsive to positive training. But perhaps most of all, William is a dog that shows extensive loyalty and love towards those who are "his family". I know that many Jack Russell's are prone to personality "flaws" but I really believe that high energy does not mean unruly. William has is indispensable to our family and a wonderful dog.

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