Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Cyrus goes to the Pet Shoppe
From: Zoe Jane Carpenter Williams

My Jack Russell Story:

When Cyrus was about one year old we took him along to a huge, local pet store. The place was vast, like a huge supermarket, and Cyrus was overwhelmed by the complicated amalgam of smells and possibilities.....dog chews hanging on racks, balls, bones, dry pigs' ears....his senses literally were bombarded from all directions.

Suddenly, and without warning, he was off across the store like a bullet. In the far corner law an area of aquariums which, it turned out were filled with large (HUGE) blue rats. Cyrus yanked his lead from my hand, shot off like a cannon ball, and as he hit the glass wall of the rataquaria looked back and said

"RATS, dirty filthy gross disgusting R A T S!!!!...what kind of store is this." Needless to say he was quite put out. Fortunately the plastic aquariums were well constructed.

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