Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Problem Dog?
From: Bev

My Jack Russell Story:

I have two Jack Russell females - Cuvee and Brut. Cuvee is the top dog, younger and a smooth coat. Brut was rescued from the SPCA and is a broken coat.

Although I have a fairly large yard and play with the dogs nightly Cuvee developed an over the wall and visit everybody in the area syndrome!

After much panic and worry I found out that as I had recently built a wall down the end of the property - she was no longer able to see what all the other dogs in the area were barking at and made great attempts to find out.

I have since starting taking them for walks through the neighborhood and the problem has (thank goodness) stopped. The walks through the neighborhood is another story in itself!

They do really need constant attention and more love than any other dog I have ever had. But I would not swap them for the world.

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