Jack Russell Story

Story Name: My Husband's Best Friend!
From: J.G.

My Jack Russell Story:

My Husband and I bought a Jack Russell when we moved into a house this past October. I had been desperately wanting a puppy for as long as I can remember, but we decided to wait until we had a yard for the puppy to run in. Our sweetie's name is Eddie (not very original, but watching Frasier is how I fell in love with the breed)and we couldn't imagine life without him.

Like all Jack Russells, he is full of love and life. He is very spoiled and I would have it no other way. He especially loves my Husband! He wakes him up every morning by covering his face in doggy licks and by "rooting" under the covers by my Husband's legs to find a comfortable place to continue sleeping (I get up first in the morning). He has many of the same traits I've read about in previous stories, but the strangest one is how obsessed he is with chasing shadows and reflections.

I'm able to go home every day during the week to let him out and spend some time with him during my lunch hour. I have to say that I enjoy the overcast days the best, because when it's sunny, the rays coming in through our skylights drive him crazy. They glint off of my rings, watch, or whatever, and cast reflections that he chases and tries to bite the whole hour I'm home. And when he sees a flashlight beam, forget it! He runs around and tries to find the light for the rest of the day.

He's a little silly, but we would'nt trade him for anything in the world. We're expecting our first baby in November and I'm going to make sure that we continue to give him plenty of love and attention when the baby arrives. After all, he is our "first" baby!

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