Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Summers Over
From: Dottie Surprenant

My Jack Russell Story:

I have two JRT's, Pebbles and Peanut. They both sleep with me at night except in the summer when my parents come home from Florida. Then Pebbles sleeps in the living room and awaits the awakening of grandpa. He takes them for walks three times a day, buys them cheweez and spoils them. Pebbles never leaves his side.

Well, its time for them to go back to Florida for the winter. That morning grandpa and grandma get up and start getting ready. My alarm just went off when I hear a knock on my door. It's Pebbles!!!! Usually she always knocks and comes in for some cuddling and kisses. This time I opened the door and she stood there looking at me then ran back up the stairs into the kitchen and up on the chair. That's where grandpa was getting breakfast before he left. I can only guess that she wanted to wake me and tell me "Hey, get up - Grandpa is leaving"

It amazes me every day how smart these little Jack Russells are. If only they could talk!!!

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