Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: JR vs a Big Black Lab
From: Deb Collier

My Jack Russell Story:

While at our camp our JR, Buddy, reluctantly made friends with a Lab named Caleb. They seemed to be hitting it off fine. Well one day while walking with both dogs we started to throw a tennis ball ahead of us down the camp road. Well Caleb thought it was his ball, and Buddy thought it was his. Caleb got to the ball first, then Buddy started to growl. That's when Caleb grabbed Buddy by the neck and shook him. It was really scarry, our children where screaming and we thought Buddy was a gonner. After awhile they stopped and Buddy was alright although he lost some blood. I really doubt that it taught him a lesson though. He thinks he weighs 150 lb.!

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