Jack Russell Story

Story Name: How to catch a Russell without really trying
From: Jesse Milton

My Jack Russell Story:

Two years ago, Jimmy bolted out the back door as I was leaving for work (6AM). Jimmy took little time picking up on something in the air and disappeared down the road and into the early morning darkness. Chasing him on foot was futile!

I grabbed a flashlight, his leash, and a slice of honey ham and began my frantic search in my wife's Toyota. Up and down Hog Mountain Road I drove, with the window down and the ham slice waving in the air, yelling JIMMY! COME! JIMMY! JIMMY! jimmy...?

Twenty minutes later I spotted a white flash of fur up ahead, running south bound. A small pickup truck that was growing impatient with my crawl-like speed decided to pass me on the left. As I gained on the 20 lb. fugitive, the pickup truck was passing me on the side. I laid on the horn to alert the unsuspecting driver of the escaped Russell, and instead of slowing down he sped up and passed Jimmy. As he passed my dog I looked down at my speedometer and clocked Jimmy at almost 30 MPH!

I eventually caught up with him, and coaxed him into the passenger seat with the honey ham. I'd say my heart rate was in line with Jimmy's break-neck sprint...

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