Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Rascal
From: Melissa Croft

My Jack Russell Story:

I enjoy all the stories about the JRT's. I can related to most of them.

My Jack Russell is named Rascal (named appropriately) and he is all Jack Russell. Some of Rascals favorite things is barking at cars (while inside the car...I've got the nose prints to prove it) the discovery channel, people food (which he will food guard from our cat),being petting, being chased, tennis and soccer balls and just going anywhere. Some of the things he hates are being told no, being put in the crate (which is about 50 feet by 50 feet and has a Lab to play with) being disturbed while sleeping (you cannot touch him when he starts to fall asleep in his (OUR) bed or he will let you know by giving you a grumpy growl) and my husband and I kissing each other (he's the jealous type...all attention should be on the Jack Russell). Owning a JRT has changed our lives forever. They are so smart, loving, loyal terriers. It takes special people to own them because they are special animals.

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